Here I come to save the stray

I woke up this morning and as usual grabbed my iPhone so I could see what time it was. 6:09 a.m. Ugh. And then I noticed that my husband was snoring, so I moved to the sofa. Which was when I decided, oh what the heck, lemme check Twitter.

And that’s when I found that low and behold, the NYC Half Marathon was about to start, and it was streaming live on the internet…..

So I made a pot of coffee, turned on my laptop and tuned in to witness the fastest 13.1 miles I’ve ever seen!

Jeff was up, getting ready for his 20 mile run, and we texted back and forth to each other a little bit.

Next thing I know, I’m drinking my second cup of coffee, watching Prison Break, and then my home phone rings.

8:12 a.m.

It’s Jeff.

Why is he calling me???

And that’s what I said when I answered the phone, because I’m so polite and all: Why are you calling me???

Turns out a stray dog joined the run at the first mile and now it’s been three miles and he wants me to meet him where his route crosses my street to get the dog.

Now, I’ve been out running when some dog has decided to run along with me. It’s a little strange, especially when the owner doesn’t realize that their dog is running down the street with someone else. I always end up circling back to their yard with the dog in tow. I asked him where the dog picked them up around and took the dog back there, figuring I’d find an owner walking the streets with a leash in their hand, calling for their dog.

I found nothing. I drove up and down the area and saw no one.

So finally I took her home, put her in our spare dog crate with a food and water. She was starving, and very thirsty, but then she did just run about four miles.

I then began the internet search to find her owners. I came up empty handed. I called the police department, I called animal control, checked Twitter,, Craigslist, Milwaukee Journal classifieds for lost and found, etc…. and then I called my brother. What does he want me to do? She was a very well behaved dog, knew her commands, and if I took her to animal control they couldn’t guaranty me that she wouldn’t be put down if her owner didn’t claim her. I couldn’t drop her off at the Humane Society unless I said she was my dog and I was turning her in.

She’s with Jeff now. A beautiful black lab, most likely pure bred, no microchip, no one looking for her as far as I can tell, no tags, just a collar. How can someone have such a great dog and not even be looking for her when she’s lost?

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  1. Hope that you find the owner!


  2. Stephanie · · Reply

    Have you or Jeff checked with the Lost Dogs of Wisconsin organization? My mother-in-laws spaniel ran away from the dog sitter’s last November while she and her husband were out of town visiting my brother-in-law. She’s been working with that group and they have amazing stories of reuniting dogs with their owners, months later in some cases.


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