A Percy Jackson Phenomenon

There has been a bit of what I’m going to call a Percy Jackson Phenomenon going on here lately. What happened was that a few months ago I stopped at the library and just grabbed a stack of books that I thought my daughter would be interested in. She had just finished reading The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and was looking for another series to read. She has shunned the Harry Potter books —- I don’t know why, I know she’ll be sorry that she did once she starts reading them. Anyhow, one of the books I picked out was The Lightning Thief, which is the first book in the series.

In doing so, I’ve created a Percy Jackson monster.

She’s got sheets and lists about greek gods and goddesses. There’s even an app for that! Did you know this? It’s called Greek Gods and it’s free.

She just finished reading Book #4, the graphic novel, The Ultimate Guide, and The Demigods Files. She’s also made my husband read The Lightning Thief, which he did. And now they are going to watch the movie again (we saw the movie before we even knew there was a book series) and discuss all of the differences from the movies.

Also? She presented him with a test on the book. A TEST! She called it a quiz, but really, quiz …. test …. same thing. AND he has to write a book report. She even attached a sheet of lined paper to the quiz so that he had something to write his book report on. I giggled when I heard he had to write a book report.

And then I took a look at his test. It’s a photocopy, which means only one thing:  After I read the book I’ll have to take it too.

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  1. So cool!! How did your hubby do on the test?
    It is awesome when kids find something that really interest them. She wants you to be as interested as she is.


  2. My nieces are heavy into Percy Jackson, too. I need to download that app, so I can help them out.

    Your daughter is heavy into quizzing you (plural) lately, isn’t she? Too funny!



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