Running in Vibrams: swooosh glide

I ran 5 miles and it felt really sluggish. I kept at it, took a couple small walking breaks at miles 2 and 4, and looped back home for water at 3.5 miles. I didn’t think my time was all that great, 54 minutes. In fact, while I was running I kept thinking that when I’m running outdoors (rather than the treadmill) I honestly feel that I only have one speed, and that speed is whatever I happen to be running. Part of that can be attributed to the watch I wear, it’s the Garmin 110 and it doesn’t tell you your pace as it’s happening, instead it gives you your average pace for whatever mile you are on, so a lot of time I’m looking at skewed information. Also, maybe it was too late in the day for me to be thinking clearly, because I should have been able to add it up in my head where I was in terms of this run.

Once I got home and sync’d my watch to the Garmin Connect website, I was able to click an option to compare it to similar activities. That was when I was able to see all of the 5 mile runs that I’ve ever done since I started using the site (both treadmill and outdoor running) — there were 20 of them, which is a pretty good sample size. With the exception of one treadmill run where I logged 49 minutes, this was my fastest five miles to date.

Am I shocked? Yes, however the data shows that I’ve made progress and I can’t argue with the data, that’s for sure.

So, I did my 5 miles, come home, and of course the dogs are BEGGING to go back out with me. I think they thought I came back for them, so I kicked off my Nikes and put on my Vibram FiveFingers for a short half mile run with them. I’ve never felt so light and efficient as when I run with the Vibrams! It was like I went from CLOMP! CLOMP! CLOMP!  to swoooosh glide ~ swoooosh glide. I can’t wait to really start training in them for real (as in, after the half marathon). May 16th cannot get here fast enough!



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  1. I just saw your post on DailyMile and I had to comment here – I feel the same way about my Vibrams. It is like I put them on and I am FAST (well, fast for me which is not exactly lightning speed). They are so light and they feel great. I’m easing into them so very slowly, up to 4 miles at a run now, and I love them.


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