What a PITA that calf has been

About that left calf — what a pain in the ass that’s been.

My husband suggested I go for a massage tonight, you know, before it’s too close to Sunday and then it’s just way too late to try to do anything for it. I called my usual place, and my favorite massage therapist was off, but they could put me with someone new. A newbie. I don’t do well with newbies….

But I was desperate.

Just to be safe I booked a 90 minute massage so that after she spent an hour on my legs, she could still work on my shoulders. See? I’ve got it all worked out so that my shoulders are still covered. I am brilliant.

Although, I could barely walk without my compression socks on, three ibuprofen, and a lot of swearing … so I had to be brilliant.

The newbie was awesome! She spent 50 minutes, that’s right, FIFTY MINUTES, on my left calf trying to smooth out the gigantic knot that had embed itself right where a charlie horse would be. There were times that I said a few choice words as she hit the spot, other times she told me to just breathe through it. Afterwards, she worked on my right leg, that only took about 15 minutes. The rest of the time was spent trying to loosen my back and shoulders.

Somehow she could tell that I sat at a computer all day…..

Anyhow, I left her what is probably the biggest tip I’ve ever left anyone in the service industry! She performed a miracle, and she also told me that it probably wasn’t my shoes after all. In her opinion, a knot like that is from an old injury that has flared up from overtraining or lack of stretching. What? Me? Not stretching enough???? I guess that means that I need to try to make it to a few more yoga classes. Also, from where the tightness was in my right leg, she could tell that my gait was probably off, which I already knew because I have that metal plate in my right leg from when I broke it in 1996. So my poor little left calf was compensating from my poor little broken and fixed up right ankle. Awww, poor left calf.

The best part (as if this could get any better) was that I came home to my husband folding a load of laundry.

Ahhhh, let me just sit back and try to imprint this day onto my memory.

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