Pigtails & VFFs

I just got back from the Firecracker Four where I ran 4.02 miles in 44:52. I almost went back to bed. I literally had my “I’m going back to bed, good luck!” text all typed out to Nesa and was about to press send when I realized I was being a baby, and needed to suck it up and go put on my running gear. I haven’t run this course since 2005, and the last time I ran it I think my time was 42:39. That’s a non-chipped time, back in 2005 there was no chips for the little races. I got that time because I lined up at the front of the race with the elites. :) See? Creative running. :) I think it was easier to keep my heart rate under control today compared to the mess that was Saturday (you’ll have to listen to the podcast for that recap).

Both Nesa and I showed up for the race today in pigtails and our Vibrams. We only got one comment from the crowd about the pigtails — they really are great for running in with the length that my hair is at right now. We were also only asked by a few people for our opinions on the VFF’s. On Saturday we were stopped constantly — or so it seemed. I love my Vibrams, they are super comfortable and I think my body is finally accustomed to them. I hope to wear them more.

Have a great 4th of July!


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One comment

  1. I would definitely stop you to ask all about the Vibrams. They look so… freaky!



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