And then I tripped over my dog

I decided to run a 5K distance to participate with the Two Gomers Virtual 5K at This race went wrong on so many levels. I could blame the fact that I took Josie, the monster dog, with me, who I haven’t run with much this summer. I could blame my brother because I was listening to his podcast while I was running. I could blame the Madison Mini race shirt that I was wearing, lightning did strike that day ya know. I could blame that lady who was walking not one, but TWO black labs that were kinda jumpy and I had to cross the road with my dog in order to not cause a ruckus.

Here’s what happened:

Mile 1: Josie and I are running along at a nice pace of 10:50.

Mile 2: we come across the lady and the dogs, I cross the street, I turn my head to tell the lady that her dogs have really grown (they were little puppies in the spring), Josie crosses in front of me, I trip over a monster sized dog, land on my hands and knee, drop the leash and do a somersault. Jeff is still talking in my ear. Josie is just standing there looking at me. The lady is yelling at me from across the street. Am I okay? Am I okay??

Hey, I’m okay. I’m okay! My hands and wrists sting like a sonofabitch (I’m probably lucky that I didn’t break a wrist now that I think about it), my knee hurt but it seemed fine. I get up and start running again. Then I figure I should probably pull my capris up and make sure I’m not bleeding.

Road rash. Now what?? Well, I figure I should probably just finish the freaking run like¬† the true athlete that I am. <—that was funny.

So I rolled up my pant leg over my knee and kept on running. The pace for mile two wasn’t as bad I thought it would be considering everything, 11:41.

Mile 3 was just a meltdown of the monster dog. She. Did. Not. Want. To. Run. So we walked a lot of it and finished with a 13:47 pace.

Total time was 37 minutes, most likely my lousiest time ever. But I got a great story, road rash and hands that sting an hour after the fact …..

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One comment

  1. hahaha sorry, not laughing AT you, WITH you. Cool that you did the Gomer virtual 5k. I saw their postings and thought about it, and that was about it.


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