Lakefront Marathon 2011

How did it go … well, the bus ride with the other DM’rs was a lot of fun Jeff. picked me up at VERY early o’clock, we were first to the bus stop. Go figure. I’d expect nothing but that from Jeff. Soon we were met up with John C., John P., Laurie S. and Bob J. I’m sure there was more, but this morning was sooooooooooooo early and sooooooooooo long ago.

We had fun at Grafton High School, we took pictures! Arm balances, photos and discussion of how all of my pictures would be in the Lost & Found due to the over-flair that was added to my bib number.

Jeff, John & Laurie doing their yoga.

We take racing very seriously

I started with the 5 hr pace group, stuck with them through mile 8 I think, then my knee and quad started talking to me and I knew I needed to take it easy. I stopped and talked to more people than I probably should have, but whatever, I knew I wasn’t breaking any records on this marathon. Jeff called to me from the side of the road around mile 1-ish and said he was out, so I ran over and gave him a hug. My friend was running in the Jennipede, so I talked with her boyfriend for a bit; then my yoga instructor’s husband at mile 17.5 (which I think is where I missed Denise H.); Mrs. Jeff and my nephews at the water stop at Atwater Park (where I begged for some Tylenol, no one had any).

Along the way I ran/walked with some AMAZING people! I mean absolutely AMAZING! I did a good chunk of miles with a three guys. It was younger guy who was running with his father-in-law and the FIL’s brother (one was 57, other was 64) and I’ll save their story for the podcast. We did the Galloway method from 13.1 miles until about 21 miles.

What would the marathon be without Jennifer there to take my picture? Me and the Galloway guys showed off our pace a bit here. :) Thanks Jennifer!

I did a good portion with a Strider who came down with bronchitis two weeks ago, oh man, I felt his pain from when I ran Cellcom. And then there was the mom/daughter team, the daughter had run marathons before (I think she said 11?) and she had just had a c-section 11 weeks ago.

I saw Matt J. on the course and thank you so much for the most awesome high-five at mile 26! I was spent, my feet hurt, my knee was changing my gait, but I was determined to run it in. Thank you!

Nesa kept me motivated via text and every once in a while I checked my emails. The twitter people are AMAZING!

My husband and daughter were at mile 17.5+ish to cheer me on, and then again at the finish line with my mom. My daughter made the best sign! I don’t have a finished pic of it though.

I’m exhausted! I think I managed to do this without any chafe, but there was a sign that said Chafe Now, Brag Later. So I’m bragging later ….. :) NO CHAFE!!!!

I stuck around afterwards to see the Jennipede come through, so inspiring!

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  1. Great job finishing Kim! Very proud of you! Hopefully you’ll be “whole” for your next marathon.


  2. Great job finishing Kim! Very proud of you! Hopefully you’ll be “whole” for your next marathon.


  3. Awesome air-born run photo! Congrats on tackling the race with your knee issues!


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