Welcome to Provence!

Yesterday 22 students from my daughter’s 5th grade class left for a two week foreign exchange trip to Provence, France. My kid was super excited for this trip. I can’t blame her, it’s been the carrot in front of her since she was four years old. Anyone who has ever given her a gift of money, whether it was $5 or $500, has helped to pay for this trip. She’s been saving for over five years. That’s a lot of saving.

So what is it like to say bon voyage to your kid for two weeks? Well, I burst into tears. Twice.

The first time was when we walked into the auditorium at school and I went to get the red, white and blue ribbon to tie onto her suitcase from the principal. Oh yes, tears. I made my husband do it. The second time was when I had to hug her goodbye before she got on the motor coach bus to Chicago.

It’s so awesome to see her growing up and going out into the world (literally and figuratively)! However, I don’t think I slept at all last night while I waited for her plane to land in Frankfurt, Germany. And when it did I got a little bit of sleep before she was off again to Marseille, France.

I received this email from her at 5:18am:

Hi mom !!! i made it !!i told you I could not fall asleep on the plane. guese what? i am not tired!

Zoinks! She was up that ENTIRE TIME??? From 8:00am on Thursday morning until now 5:18am on Friday morning???

But wait — she was up all day Friday too! I received an email around 4:30pm (my time, CST) saying that she had just fallen asleep.



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  1. What an adventure she is having! We sent our son off to Brasil when he was 13 and he stayed a year. When he came back, he spoke Portuguese fluently, had a Brasilian accent and had grown a foot. This is an experience she will remember for the rest of her life (and so will you!) (And BTW, the Provence region is my very favorite place in France. I’m very jealous!)


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