Finishing up my MBA

I finally have some news to report on that MBA that I’ve been this close to finishing but didn’t. I’m now at a point in my life where I feel like I have some breathing room to take my final three classes (economics, marketing and the capstone). Sure, nothing magical is going to happen after I take those three classes, I’m not going to have the answers to the all business problems everywhere, but I’ll have the degree. I have no idea when my classes are going to start, or what campus I’m gong to take them at, or if I’ll take them online (yes, that’s offered).

I have been anti-going back for a long time, mostly because it caused SO MUCH chaos in my house. My daughter was very young, my husband was still adjusting to working first shift (from being on third shift for about 10 years), we moved into a new house two weeks after school started, I had a classmate who was (IMO) unstable and she made working with her incredibly unpleasant. What had happened is that I skipped two courses about a year in, then after I had some time to breathe and calm everything down in my house I continued on with my cohort. I couldn’t take the final capstone with them because I had to finish those two classes in order to do so. And then the instructor of my final class screwed up my grade due to a math error, but his pride was too much to swallow and admit that all those A’s I earned didn’t add up to a the B he gave me. I actually had to appeal my grade, and by the time it was fixed I was just OVER IT. I wanted something to do that made me feel good about myself, didn’t leave me so frustrated. Grad school wasn’t it. I turned to yoga and to running, and I succeeded.

I totally forgot about the seven year rule and that I had to complete my degree within that time period. I didn’t realize that I’d even care about it, but I suppose time and perspective tells me that I do. So for that last few weeks I’ve been waiting to be re-admit to the University with the same curriculum that I was working towards prior so that I could wrap up this degree, and last night it was approved!

And that’s where I’m at. Oh, and I have a half marathon to run on Saturday. :)


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