Feeling HOT! HOT! HOT!

I DID IT!!! I ran three half marathons in 85 days and have qualified to be a Half Fanatic! And yes, I’ve already been approved and sent in my registration. No idea what my number is yet though. (UPDATE! My number is 2507.)

So, the Madison Half Marathon promised to be freaking hot … and it was. The race started at 7:12am and it was about 70 degrees out, but it was to climb to the high 80’s by the time we finished. Nesa and I had the strategy to leave our iPods at the hotel and take the course super easy. The goal was to cross the finish line happy, and that we did. We treated this “race” as one of our Saturday training runs we did all last summer with the Badgerland Striders as I trained for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. This meant we would most likely spend more time talking, but we’d get the miles done, cross the finish line and then I’d qualify to join the Half Fanatics.

Many thanks to Steena and her husband for driving us to and from the race. Her husband, John, was our personal race photographer, he took this great shot of us around mile one. Thanks John! We <3 your wicked photo skills!

Do you see how happy we are? Yes, it was hot, but the course was fantastic, the volunteers were amazing (and there were A LOT of them), and we saw so many of our friends on the course (both running and spectating). I honestly don’t think we’ve had this much fun at a race since we ran the North Face Endurance Challenge 10k. I don’t even know what we all talked about, but it was constant chatter. Nesa pushed me when I was like I DON’T WANNA RUN AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME! We laughed when the drill sergeant who was coaching a few other runners made us shout MILE 9, I’M FEELIN’ FINE!

I think our best miles were the first three. It wasn’t nearly as hot out yet and we were feeling fresh. The next were miles 9 and 10. I’ll thank our military guy in the camelbak for mile 9, but mile 10 was because we ran under Monona Terrace and the shade was absolutely refreshing! Although, my GPS did drop under there so maybe it’s not accurate. Whatever. The shade was great!

As we came into the shoot to finish there was Katie & her husband with a cowbell and a DO EPIC SHIT sign. It was so awesome to hear someone shout our names as we ran by. Thank you!!!! I teared up as we ran in, honestly I did. I was just so freaking happy that we were actually crossing the finish line! And they hadn’t cancelled the race and I QUALIFIED TO BE A HALF FANATIC!!!

My race time was a personal worst, but you know what? I don’t even care! It was hot, I just ran a half 22 days earlier in the wind and rain, and here I was, running another one with my running bestie. :)

After we left the finish line area we met up with Steena, John, Tracey, Brittany, Chad, Jeff and Dawn. We sat around, drank our beer and took group photos. I would run this race again in a heartbeat. Of course, 60 degrees would be a better temperature.

Me, Tracey (fellow Ragnar teammate), Nesa, Jeff, Steena, Brittany, Chad and Dawn (also on the Ragnar team)

(photo by John)

I really didn’t feel the full effect of the sun and the heat until we were on the way home. I could barely keep my eyes open. And then, once I was home I was exhausted, crabby and I had an awful headache. I was so thirsty too! I must have drank a zillion glasses of ice water. Also, a tad of sunburn on my back. Whoops.



  1. Heehehehehehe HOORAY!! Congrats on the Half Fanatics!! I also had a TON of fun this weekend, it’s nice to actually spend real live time with people that I chat with on a regular basis!


    1. Absolutely! Next time you come to Milwaukee we’ll have to have a cookout at my house.


  2. Congrats!


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