ZOOMA Women’s Race Series: run. laugh. celebrate.

Years and years ago I wasn’t a runner. I know, shocking, right? Well, I mean, I ran, but only for 30 minutes at a time on the treadmill while my daughter was sleeping. It was at this time that my husband was entering his running prime. Sure, I knew he was running a lot, but we worked opposite shifts and most of the time I came home just as he was getting off the treadmill. I had no idea how long he had been on there for and the concept of running a marathon was completely lost on me.

Just how far is this marathon?

You know, because the length of them varies…

Not really, that’s just how not-into-running I was. All marathons are 26.2 miles, or more because the course was long or you just didn’t run good tangents. ;-)

Anyhow. He was training for the Lake Geneva Marathon and we’ve already deduced that I didn’t know how long a marathon was, well I also didn’t know anything about Lake Geneva. He dragged me there, kicking and screaming the entire way. And then it turned out that I adored Lake Geneva! It’s so pretty, so quaint, and I’ll never forget seeing him off at the starting line and then wandering the picket fence lined streets as I pushed our daughter in her stroller. I’ll also never forget dinner the night before the race. We were at a really nice restaurant. I remember it was yellow and right across the street from the lake. Our daughter knocked over his glass of ice water and it spilled ALL over his lap, oops. I thought it was hysterical and could not stop laughing. My husband didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did.

Now I’m a runner and my focus lately has been the half marathon distance. When ZOOMA asked me to be an ambassador for their Great Lakes race which takes place in Lake Geneva how could I say no? The race is Saturday, October 20th and I’m really looking forward to the cooler temps and the beautiful colors that we get here in Wisconsin in the Fall. I’ve also never run a race that focuses on women runners before. How awesome is that?

If you are in the Chicago area there is a kick-off party at Fleet Feet Chicago on July 19th, you can register for that here.

There will be (2) 20 min FREE yoga sessions, sponsored by CorePower Yoga, mini manicure stations, massages and refreshments! ZOOMA staff will be on hand to answer any of your race questions PLUS will offer a one night only discount into ZOOMA Great Lakes Half Marathon & 5K. One lucky participant will also be eligible to win a free entry! You don’t want to miss out on this ultimate ladies night of pampering and fun.


Have you run a ZOOMA race before? Is Great Lakes on your Fall race schedule? If you sign up using promo code GLAMB4 you can save $10 off the half or $5 off the 5k.

Don’t forget to join the me on Facebook!


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  1. I’m running my 5th marathon in September but haven’t heard of the ZOOMA races before. Maybe next year :)


  2. I am another ambassador (and Kim!) and look forward to meeting you this Oct! I have not spent much time in Lake Geneva but I cannot wait to see this beautiful course… and get our schweet finisher’s necklaces! :)


  3. I’m so excited to run this race! And I can’t wait to meet you :)


  4. I’m so excited to run this race! And I can’t wait to meet you :)


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