Trail running!

On Saturday I spent the morning running the trails at Lapham Peak with Katie and Nesa. My plan was to do 6 miles and then go home, but after one loop on the blue trail I was feeling pretty good. The blue trail is about 5.8 miles long and Katie wanted to get closer to 10 miles. So we agreed on a 2 mile out and back, or until we got to the top of a this huge hill that we weren’t going to run down because then we’d have to come back up it. My Garmin stats tells me it was a .70 mile long incline. We ended up with 9.32 miles. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the miles went by, even though we weren’t going very fast at all.

We stopped to talk with another runner who was training for The North Face Endurance Challenge 50K, she was saying that she enjoys the trails because it’s so much easier on her joints. I would agree with that. It is a lot easier on my joints, however all the little muscles that come into use to keep me from falling off the trail were very sore the next day.

Upon arriving home from the trail I immediately put my shoes in the wash. They were filthy! Then on Sunday I headed to the running store for a pair of trail running shoes. I did not succeed in getting trail shoes though. I need a wide shoe, so they had to order a few pairs for me. I have my fingers crossed that one of them will be my glass slipper!

My plan is to do my weekend runs on the trails until The North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon which is Sept. 16th. I’m really looking forward to Sunday’s trail run! Katie and Nesa would like to do two loops, so far I’m hesitant to go much more than 8 or 9 miles. I haven’t done a great deal of running since Ragnar Chicago. Sure, I know I could hop on the treadmill and get it the miles in, but trail running seems to be a whole new sport. The last thing I want to do is spend my fall months injured, again. Remember when I tripped over my dog? That suuuucked.

Even though I’m running the trails to prepare for North Face, I’m also prepping for the hills of Lake Geneva during ZOOMA Great Lakes. Watch out Lake Geneva! I’m coming for YOU!

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  1. Thanks for hanging in there with me for another few miles on Saturday. :) Just think, if you’d left after one loop you would have missed the dino-bug incident!

    See you next weekend!


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