Ironman math is hard

I spent the day in Madison on Sunday, spectating and volunteering Ironman Wisconsin. It was loads of fun and incredibly inspiring to see so many athletes of all different abilities competing in this event. My volunteer job was to catch bikes as the riders came in from their 112 mile bike and put them away. This was done through a relay of volunteers who really only jogged with the bike about 10 or so yard to the next person. I wore my Garmin so that I could see how many miles I did throughout the 3-ish hours I was there. Answer: 4.11 miles.

After I was done volunteering I headed to the finish line to meet my mom, daughter and sister-in-law, where we would wait for Jeff to finish the marathon and cross the finish line to complete he second Ironman of the year.

It was at the finish line that we tried to work through the Ironman math. Ironman math is hard. At first we thought Jeff would come in at 6:30 pm, however I was basing my argument that he would come in closer to 7:30 pm on the text message conversation I had with my nephew at 3:25 pm.

We sat there at the Starbucks at the finish line, counting on our fingers how many hours he had been out there, what time he came off the bike and how long he’d been running, when it finally occurred to us that got off the bike around 2:30 pm, rather than 3:30 pm. OMG HE’S GOING TO CROSS THE FINISH LINE ANY MINUTE NOW! And then we ran like crazy to make our way to the finish.

At 6:49 pm he rounded the corner and crossed the finish line!

Since I volunteered for the event I had the opportunity to stay in Madison and register to compete the 2013 event. Spoiler alert: I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THE IRONMAN. I had no intention of registering for it when I volunteered, but then my husband asked me on Saturday night if I was going to register for the next year? Am I gonna do what?? Who me?? Do an Ironman? Pffft. 

Do you really think I could do that??

And then of course the wheels were churning in my head all day long. Could I do it? Would I want to do it? Do I have $650 to register?

I signed in and out of my volunteer shifts just in case I did want to register, and then I told myself I’d think about it. On the drive home I told myself I’d consider it if there were slots still open to the public. And then I decided, MAYBE I should get in the pool and see how I felt about swimming for an extended period of time.

Long story short: I don’t see a full Ironman in the near future. I did go swimming last night after BodyPump. I did not die. ;) Check back in a few weeks and see if I’m still swimming laps, perhaps after the Goofy Challenge in January I’ll consider the Racine 70.3.

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