Prepping for ZOOMA Great Lakes

Since the Brewers Mini Marathon in September, and the crappy weather I had to run in, I’ve been prepping myself for my next half marathon: ZOOMA Great Lakes. The race is this Saturday in Lake Geneva, WI. I’m not familiar with the course, other than its hilly and out and back starting in Fontana point to point from Lake Geneva to Fontana. The weather is supposed to be nice, as in no rain. I’m not sure about wind yet though.
Since the Brewers run I realized I really didn’t have any decent options for running in the colder weather. So, I invested in some long sleeved tech shirts. I’m really glad I did, because not all running shirts are created equal.

My favorite so far is The North Face 1/4 Zip Hoodie, it’s windproof and the hood is awesome for keeping my head warm as well as my neck. The sleeves cuff over my hands and there’s a pocket on the sleeve (at the bicep) for my ipod, who’d have thought that being able to have such easy access to my ipod would be sooooooooooo nice? It is. Also, what I love about the 1/4 and 1/2 zips is that if I’m cold I can zip up, if I get warm then I unzip. Tada! Same goes for the hood, on/off/on/off/on/off. I recommend a tech shirt underneath, don’t think I could just wear this pullover and be comfortable.

My second favorite is the Lululemon Run: Switfly Tech Long Sleeve, however I’m not sure I’d be warm enough if it were windy out and I didn’t have another layer on. What I do like is the thumb holes in the sleeves and how long the shirt is. It covers my bum, which is nice since it gets cold too. :) The shirt does ride up at first, but after awhile it seems the sweat content it just about right to prevent it from doing so. The collar is high enough to keep me warm, but like I said, I doubt it would if it were windy. It’s probably a perfect base layer if the next layer was loose enough to accommodate movement.

Nike Sprinter 1/2 Zip has really long sleeves, no cuffs or thumb holes, however I can turtle my hands into the sleeves. The inside of the fabric is really soft, which is nice. It’s long so I can pull it down over my butt, and the collar is great for keeping my neck warm. This pullover is not wind resistant, when I wore it in 20 mph winds last week I was chilled right through. Without the wind, it would be fine with a base layer. I bought this at Kohl’s, which is why the link directs you to Kohl’s rather than Nike. I’m not sure Nike stocks this on their website as the 1/2 zip pullovers there look different and have thumb holes.

The Moving Comfort Flex 1/2 Zip pullover is amazing! The fabric reminds me of Lululemon’s swiftly, which I wore underneath in the short sleeve version. This pullover is long for bum coverage and thumb holes in the sleeves are great for keeping my hands warm. I love this shirt! It is super comfortable and allowed great movement while wearing it.

The last shirt is Lululemon Runder Under Long Sleeve. It’s made out of Rulu, which OMG is sooooo soft! The shirt is shaped like a jersey, so it hangs lower and has a really cute cut to it. The neckline is crew, but it is lower on my collarbone, which means that if there’s wind, I’m not wearing it. I love the thumb holes, which also made it great for wiping my nose — and the sweat off my face too. This shirt is reversible, which is a new thing for me, but okay. I think 40-50 degrees is about the limit for this shirt and no wind, unless I wore a tank or short sleeved layer underneath. I’ll have to experiment with it in the wind and see. One thing I did notice is that when I got home from my run, I didn’t get cold as I cooled down. I actually felt cozy.

Now, which one to wear for ZOOMA….. I guess I should figure out the wind first.

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  1. I love that Nike half zip and have been considering the North Face one. Thanks for the notes on them.


  2. I love that Nike half zip and have been considering the North Face one. Thanks for the notes on them.


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