I heart ZOOMA

The weekend began with a text from Tricia (the social media goddess) from ZOOMA letting me know that the race was not an out and back course per my previous post, but rather a point to point course starting in Lake Geneva and ending in Fontana. Uh, what? I guess I looked at last years race course early in the summer and then never checked it again. Oops.

At packet pick-up at The Abbey, which is right on Geneva Lake in Fontana, I met the ladies from another mother runner and bought the I run things. t-shirt. I had to buy the It’s all good. I ran today. t-shirt at the post-race party since my size was hiding at the expo. ;) You can bet I’ll be wearing the heck out of those shirts!

On our way back to Lake Geneva, we saw the most amazing rainbow that just kept getting more amazing as we drove around the lake. We pulled over to take this picture.

And then the closer we got to Lake Geneva it turned into a double rainbow.

Do you see that? The rainbow actually ended in the middle of street in Lake Geneva. It was simply breathtaking. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

So race morning comes and it’s chilly, but it’s not 20-30 mph winds, raining, 95 degrees or any of the other weather malfunctions I’ve had to deal with for all of the other half marathons I’ve ran this year (exception of New Orleans, the weather was very comparable to New Orleans in March). Nesa had just ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon last weekend in San Francisco, so we treated it more like a long training run. We walked the up hills, ran down the hills and in Nesa’s words “chose our own adventure inbetween”. We do a lot of talking our long training runs, it’s a great time to purge our week from our minds and start over new. The course was gorgeous and the closer we got to Fontana the more scenic it became.

We came upon the largest hill ever at mile 11. It was ridiculous! But the good thing about it is that once we got to the top we just had to go a little bit further and then there was a turnaround and we ran down that hill to cross the finish line. This was my first race that was geared for women and it was really one of the most enjoyable races ever. The weather, the course, the scenery, the support, all the ladies who were out there running (and a handful of guys too), the post-race after party (which BTW they had foam rollers out if you so desired, massages and I’m told there was pedicures too but I missed them).

Nesa, myself and Tricia

So right before we took this photo Tricia asked me if I wanted to meet Sara, and I’m all like “Do you know where the awards ceremony will be? I want to let my friends know.” And then I trotted off to alert my friends (who had placed in their age groups) where it would be held. Little did I know that I blew off Sara Hall. Whoopsies? I guess I knew that Sara Hall would be at the event, but it wasn’t the reason why I was running it. All I could do was laugh when I got back to the hotel and realized what I had done. If this photo was a little bit wider, Sara is standing off to Tricia’s side about 6′ over.

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  1. I also froze my little toes off waiting for the race to start. It wasn’t that bad once I got moving, though. I borrowed some arm warmers and now must purchase my own pair, stat.


  2. I also froze my little toes off waiting for the race to start. It wasn’t that bad once I got moving, though. I borrowed some arm warmers and now must purchase my own pair, stat.


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