Celebrating his bday today

The photo today is out + about, we are celebrating Darth Vader’s birthday today. Well, kinda of, he requested his presents (and the general rule is that they CANNOT be wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper) and we are going out to dinner tonight since his actual birthday is on Tuesday, December 11th, and Tuesday is packed full of other stuff like the kid has dance class. So back to the wrapping paper, we opted to wrap it the Toys R Us ads, and then we (we being the kid and I) decided to cut out some of the toy ads to add a decorative touch to the gifts. Personally, I really like the green skull with the red blob over the eye.

What’s inside?? Well, it’s NOT an iPad. That’s for sure. SOMEONE *cough* Darth Vader *cough* is anti-Apple.

I love this photo because just as I was taking it, my kid dropped a pen. Can you see it?


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