Graduated for realsies

Well that’s a wrap on the MBA folks, I’ve now graduated for realsies. Even though I handed the announcer my card and told him how to pronounce my name, and he said it correctly back to me, he still said it wrong when he announced me. My husband tells me he wasn’t even close. Oh well. As long as it’s right on the diploma.

The guy two seats down from my got a phone call as soon as we sat down at the ceremony — which made me laugh, a lot. I had the giggles for quite some time as he tried to quietly let his party know where exactly he was located in the sea of cap of gowns.

It was a lot less emotional of an experience than my undergraduate graduation was. Except for the laughing part, I didn’t even cry. I was prepared though. I had a bottle of water and pack of tissues with me. By the way, Spi Belts come in handy to wear under your gown if you need things like lip balm, your cellphone and tissues and don’t have any pockets. That’s right, I brought running gear to my graduation ceremony. Feel free to borrow that idea for your graduation.

I call this photo: Holy crap, can you believe I’m actually graduating with my MBA?

Afterwards we had a great dinner with family and friends.


  1. Congrats!!!


  2. Congrats!!!


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