And then I got bronchitis

December has been an interesting month to say the very least. I started it off with sinus congestion that just wouldn’t let up, the only time I had relief was when I sneezed. The neti pot didn’t even provide relief. However, after about five days and lots of decongestants it finally went away. Then Darth Vader got it, and I was well from about December 9th through December 18th, and just as he started to feel better I ended up with bronchitis. Fun. Not really fun. Bronchitis is the opposite of fun.

I’m prone to bronchitis, I get it quite a bit it seems. Usually every other year at the very least. The last time I had it was when I was training for the 2011 Green Bay Cellcom Marathon. Luckily, I had enough time to sell my bib and then switch to the half marathon. However this time, I’m “training” for Goofy and well, since I’m not high strung about my race times and all of that anymore I’m sure I’ll be just fine to still cross that finish line for the half marathon on Saturday, January 12th, and then do the full marathon on Sunday, January 13th. The plan all along was to walk/run it with the a goal to finish prior to the balloon lady, so honestly I’m not that worried. I’ll probably still be wheezing and coughing, but Nesa will be on hand and she IS practically a doctor. ;)

Being sick right before Christmas has really, REALLY sucked. It’s a good thing that I had started my Christmas shopping at the beginning of December, so I only had a few presents left to get — or so I thought. Anyhow, having to wait to go shopping once I had enough antibiotics in me to feel “safe” that I wasn’t contagious was not fun, because well, that put me at the mall on Sunday, December 23rd, which is the latest I’ve EVER done my shopping. Working in my favor was that it was Packer Sunday and it was a home game, so the mall didn’t seem nearly as bad as it could have been.

Also, a reminder why I don’t have a Christmas tree …….

The guilty parties who knocked down my Santa and snowman collection.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!



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