It’s the end of the world, um, year

It’s been a big year. I’ve done so many things this year that I’ve kind of lost track of what all I’ve done and where all I’ve been. In terms of running related events I’ve ran a lot of miles and part of me doesn’t even want to tally them up to see what the grand total was. The other part of me is like: Oh, just add them up and be done with it. The thing is, over the last year I’ve kinda burnt myself out with running events. The burn out is so great that I’m not sure if I’ll even sign up for a race in 2013. Running for medals and goal times and to cross the finish line: I’m just not that into you …. {right now}. I’m sure I’ll find my groove again, but it might not be for a few weeks or months or whatever.

I’m not even sure I want to run Ragnar. Can you believe I just said that? Yes. It’s true. PEOPLE, THIS IS WHAT BURN OUT LOOKS LIKE!

Perhaps I’m just tired of being told what to do. I’ve never been good at being told what to do. The last six months of grad school was a lot of being told what to do, and some professors did it better than others.

It could also just be Decemberitis. I’m not a fan of December, or the holidays and all of the running around that comes with it. Sure, I enjoy seeing my family and friends, but December is always packed full of ZILLIONS of commitments that by the time today, December 31st, comes around I am happy as a clam to BE DONE WITH IT. GOOD BYE DECEMBER! I’m exited to finally have a day/night where I don’t have to be somewhere and I can lay around on my sofa in my pajamas.

Also, it probably didn’t help that this year I spent the majority of December sick. I’m still recovering from bronchitis. My doctor put me on Advair, which seems to be helping a lot, but even a 3 mile run (which I did Saturday) put me into coughing fits for the rest of the day. This Goofy Challenge on January 12-13th is going to be very interesting indeed. And no, I’m not even the least bit worried that I can’t finish it.

What am I looking forward to in 2013 is doing LOTS AND LOTS yoga. Weekends upon weekends of bendy yoga! :) Gosh, I love yoga class. It’s where I feel the most comfortable.

I’m also looking forward to reading a huge stack of books that I’ve been collecting, the only problem is that I can’t seem to sit still long enough to get any reading done. Either that, or the books just haven’t been good enough to hold my interest.

What else? THE BEST PICTURE SHOW! I can’t believe it’s award season already and I’m already anticipating spending an entire day at the movies watching all of the Oscar nominated best pictures.

Anywhoooo. That’s my end of the world year post. Have a Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. gracy eggert · · Reply

    when i read the world could come to the end and I;d never know you take after your grandma


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