Oscar nominated movie smack down

If you’ve been reading this blog for at least the last few years, you know how much Darth Vader and I enjoy the movies. Before we were married I was very into the Oscar nominated movies, after a few years he got swept up into the movie watching craziness too. For at least 10 years now, when the nominations are announced, we watch every single nominated movie that we can. The Best Picture Showcase has been a lifesaver! We are participating for the fifth year and we have this down to a science now. As usual, I’ve seen one more best picture movie than he has, which gives me time to come home and take care of Dogzilla. However, overall he has me beat since he’s seen The Hobbit, and I have not.

This year we are so far ahead of where we usually are. We have only seven movies left to see! This is amazing, we are very fortunate.


My favorites so far are:

Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, The Impossible, and The Sessions.

Here are my thoughts on the movies so far:

Argo Totally loved this film, it’s my front runner.
Beasts of the Southern Wild  WTF? I watched all of it. I had to read the synopsis on the Internet to follow along with what was going on. I didn’t care for it. Also? I had urges to clean. Darth Vader left the room.
Les Miserable  My daughter and I saw this movie together, there was a point where I thought she was going to ask to leave, because the first hour is so incredibly dark. Once you get to meeting Cozette though, LOVE! It was an amazing movie, I really enjoyed it. Do I want to see it again? Only the last hour.
Life of Pi A friend of mine had recommended this book to me years ago, I tried to read it, but couldn’t get into it. The movie was good, I’d recommend it.
Silver Linings Playbook This was a fantastic movie! Great performances all around and a really good story. I loved it, Darth Vader loved it.
The Impossible I LOVED IT! Amazing movie, amazing story, and I really thought the kid who played Lucas should have been nominated for best actor.
Flight This just wasn’t my kind of movie. Denzel was excellent in it, but not my cup of tea.
The Sessions Where do I begin? The story is sweet and moving and yes, I totally cried at the end. Especially at the last scene. Darth Vader, who had not watched the entire movie and really didn’t know the full story turns to me and said: ARE YOU CRYING??? Yes.
Moonrise Kingdom A sweet story that I watched during the Super Bowl, and when the power went out at the football game, I was all like HEY, THE POWER ISN’T OUT IN MY MOVIE. And then, I’m not kidding you, there was a power outage in my movie.
Brave Oh Disney, your movies rarely fail. It wasn’t Toy Story, but it was entertaining.
Frankenweenie Dead dog comes back to life? But first the dog has to die. Uh WHAT?? Not my favorite movie.
ParaNorman I think I liked it, something tells me I napped midway through.
The Pirates Band of MisFits I saw this in September, after the Brewers Mini Marathon but before the Muscle Milk delivery. I am pretty sure I saw the beginning and the ending, but the rest of the time I was sleeeeeeping. Running 13.1 miles in the wind, rain and cold caught up to me.
Wreck-It Ralph LOVED IT!!
Anna Karenina This was a tough movie to follow due to the play within a movie aspect. I think I followed the story pretty well. Darth Vader kept verifying that it was NOT up for best picture. Which it’s not.
Marvel’s The Avengers I didn’t know anything about the avengers prior to seeing this movie last summer, but it was on my daughters MUST SEE list. It was enjoyable, she liked it, Darth Vader liked it. It was entertaining.
Prometheus I turned it off. It was terrible.
Snow White and the Huntsman Pretty good movie, the visual effects (which it’s up for) was impressive.
Mirror Mirror My daughter warned me that this movie wasn’t so great, she was right.
Hitchcock There’s something about Hitchcock movies that I really enjoy, this was an interesting movie to watch, even if I’ve never seen Psycho (although I do know the storyline).

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