The day I asked for a glass of water

On Saturday we went to a wedding and the favor for the guests was a shot glass. We live in a house that has cabinets FULL of pint glasses, wine glasses and mason jars (< — they don’t break) so three shot glasses is a whole new territory here.

We also live in a house filled with humor. I mean, I take every chance I can to jump out of a dark corner and scare the crap out of my husband. I got him really good when we were first married and lived in this huge apartment on the east side of Milwaukee.

We like to be sarcastic, funny and ironic.

If someone says GUESS WHAT? The response will always be CHICKEN BUTT.

So on Monday I was in the family room and my daughter was in the kitchen, I asked her to bring me a glass of water with ice. She brought me water with ice in a wedding shot glass.


And then she said, “You should have specified what size glass you wanted.”

Good one kid, good one.

May the force be with you ...

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