Reviewing Lululemon’s the (towel) mat


When I first started practicing yoga I used a yoga mat that came in a yoga kit I’d had for years. It came with blocks and straps and possibly a VHS video. When I began to take my yoga more seriously I switched to a Jade yoga mat, which is thicker and is also sticky. Sticky is important because slipping on a yoga mat is not fun. I am currently on my second Jade mat, and they are perfect for my power and vinyasa classes, even the yin class, however the amount of sweat that pours out of me from a Bikram class makes it necessary that I have the ability to wash my mat regularly. Washing a Jade mat to the degree it needs to be for Bikram is rather tedious.

That’s where Lululemon’s the (towel) mat becomes a huge convenience. It’s a thinner yoga mat, that absorbs like a towel (more on that later) and it’s machine washable and dryer friendly too. I bought it when I saw it was on sale online in the We Made Too Much section, this is actually where I get a lot of my Lululemon gear. Anyhow, this mat is on sale due to a misspelled word on the mat. I guess someone didn’t proofread well enough. And to be honest, it did take me a bit to find the error.

Lululemon says you can use this mat alone, without a towel over it, however my Bikram studio requires that a towel be over the mat, so technically I’m doubling up.

I’ve used the mat twice and have washed it twice. I really like it. The ease of washing it and drying it is nice, and while I’m technically not some germ freak, I feel much better knowing that my mat is totally clean after every class. The rubber base has also been treated with an antimicrobial additive.

The towel I put over my mat is by Manduka, although I also have one by Kulae. I’ll include reviews of those in a future post.

I was not reimbursed in any way for this review, I bought the mat and thought I’d share my review on my blog.

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