Deja vu: Oh hey, I joined a Ragnar team

Thursday morning I woke up and discovered that my blog was broken. I couldn’t figure it out, the theme (that’s the layout) I had been using for quite some time just stopped working. I tried deleting it and installing it fresh, and it still didn’t work. If you tried to visit my website I think it was just a blank white screen. Gah! I finally tossed up any theme that semi-worked with the custom formatting that I’ve done throughout the years. Last night I had some time to work on it and this is what I came up with. Tada! If it doesn’t look like this next week then you know I changed my mind. :)

On to some running business….

After two+ years of a very busy running schedule that started with the 2010 Lakefront Marathon and ended with the 2013 Walt Disney World Goofy Race and a Half Challenge, I took some time off (I’m stating the obvious if you are a regular reader). I also said I wasn’t running Ragnar Chicago this year. There were a few reasons for this, however the main reason was that I was burned out and the thought of putting together, and maintaining, a team of 12 runners from October through June seemed overwhelming. Last year it felt like Nesa and I were constantly trying to plug a hole in our Ragnar team bucket. It was exhausting. I was exhausted with being exhausted.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, please let me announce that I have joined a Ragnar team and will be running from Madison to Chicago for the third year in a row. I am excited with this team and I think it’s only natural that I take the spot they have available. In 2011, I joined a team (Online Relationship <—- worst Ragnar team name in the history of time) and I knew absolutely no one, it was a last minute decision, but I’m very glad I did it. If you listened to one of my recent re-released podcasts I talked about how I consider what my non-Ragnar timeline would have been like. What kind of a person would I have been without Ragnar? What kind of a runner would I have been? I made new friends and tried something completely out of my comfort zone. I also learned that I might have a teeny tiny suitcase over-packing problem. Oopsies. In 2012, we split up into two different teams. Looking at the 2013 team, there some from the first team, some from each of our respective second teams, and a few I don’t know.

Let’s call it a hybrid team who know in the ins and outs of running Ragnar Relay. We will be pros!

Nothing can go wrong now! <—– said no one running a Ragnar Relay ever.

This year I’m in van 2, which will be a whole new experience for me. What will that be like? So far all I know is that I get to sleep in later than 5am on Friday, June 7th. THIS IS HUGE!!!! Do not ask me what time I run on Saturday morning though, I might punch you in the nose.

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  1. I laughed out loud at your last sentence. And about the first Ragnar team name.

    I’m so glad you decided to join this team!


    1. Who thought of that name?? THE. WORST. Team No Name would have been better. ;)


      1. I like Team No Name better.


  2. What’s a Ragnar Relay?

    How’s your (possible) gallbladder pain?


    1. Ragnar Relay is a running relay race from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL. It starts on June 7th and ends on June 8th. Usually it’s 12 runners, 2 vans (6 runners per van). Only one per runs at a time.

      My pain is completely gone and I’m just keeping an eye on it, if it comes back I have to call my dr. I’m hoping it never, ever, ever comes back. :)


      1. I hope it doesn’t, either. If it is gallbladder, though, it will come back, be very painful, and then leave without a trace. A word of caution – our youngest had only one attack, but it was obviously very “hot”. She had to have the surgery as an emergency, and they had to do the full incision-thing, not as a laparoscopy. So there was a long recovery period. I know that’s not the norm, but just something to be aware of.


  3. I love the sentence “a teeny tiny suitcase over-packing problem”. hahaha. I’m glad you are on our team and in our van. You will be running before me so the overnight leg wont be too bad.


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