Mr Potato Head on the playground

Mr. Potato Head has moved on to a new place, he’s all done with the dog sitting and he absolutely cannot go back to sitting on that guy’s office shelf. He was stuck there for like 28 potato years! In case you can’t do potato math, that’s approximately 2-4 human years — math is not always exact.

This new place has a huge backyard with this thing that I think the children call a playground. There’s a wall to climb, it’s very very tall.

IMG_5667There is a slide, which Mr. Potato Head did not get to go down due to the fact that the lady would have had to also climb the rope wall. She was wearing a skirt…. something about how she didn’t think it would be appropriate to climb around the playground wearing a skirt. If Mr. Potato Head could roll his eyes, he would.IMG_5668

Mr. Potato Head lip status: STILL MISSING.

It was suggested that I check my butt for my lips, however do you see how long my arms arms are?? Does it look like Mr. Potato Head can reach his butt with these muscular arms? I am not Elasticgirl. #duh

IMG_5671Anyone willing to give Mr. Potato Head a push? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

IMG_5670Whah ooh uh think: Gwoo idewa oo bwa idewa?

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