My MINI buying madness

IMG_5985Step 1: Admit that all the lights that are glowing on the dashboard of my 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid aren’t going away unless I spend an obscene amount of money.

Step 2: Remember that I can’t store anything in my trunk because of the faulty cable that failed to open the fuel door. The two are one in the same. I had to disconnect the cable. The fuel door now remains open. The trunk remains shut.

Step 3: Get a reminder from my husband that years ago I announced that my next car would be a MINI Cooper.

Step 4: Stalk the MINI Cooper website and build my own MINI. Do I need stripes? Car alarm? Navigation?

Step 5: Repeat step 4 as many times as necessary.

Step 6: Change my mind. I don’t need a new car.

Step 7: Convince self that I actually do need a new car.

IMG_6008Step 8: Print up car sheets for all of the MINI Cooper’s that I’m interested in seeing.

Step 9: Apply for financing.

Step 10: Answer the call from the sales guy and actually schedule an appointment to test drive one, two or 10 cars.

IMG_6010Step 11: Call my insurance agent to see how much the car insurance would be. (Answer, not much more.)

Step 12: Not to appear crazy, arrange the car sheets into three stacks: 2013 Hardtops, Used Hardtops, 2013 Countryman. Note to self: Only pull out one stack of sheets at a time.

Step 13: Test drive! It should be noted that by the third car I could get inside and tell what the differences were, usually they were the cold weather package, sunroof, and the transmission. I doubled the mileage on the Kite Blue MINI, it had 4 miles on it when I got behind the wheel.

IMG_5993Step 14: Narrow it down to three cars: 2013 Kite Blue, manual transmission; 2013 Iced Blue, automatic transmission; 2012 Pepper White 10th Anniversary Edition, automatic transmission, 4333 miles and fully loaded (it was a service car, owned by the dealership).

IMG_5992Step 15: Decide that I want the automatic transmission (Steptronic), which narrows the choices to the 2013 Iced Blue (above) or the 2012 Pepper White. I couldn’t commit to the Ice Blue, it was about $4000 more and offered less than the 2012.

IMG_6013Step 16: Pick out MINI Cooper postcards from the waiting area while the paperwork gets put together.

IMG_5994Step 17: Say goodbye to Wednesday. So long Honda! You drove us all over the place!

IMG_6001Step 18: Get in the car and drive! My new car’s name is Trixie. Super cute!

Random trivia: I’m reading the owner’s manual and while I knew the MINI was made by BMW, I didn’t know that it stood for: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft (what a mouthful!).

Important to note: This was our second car purchase in less than a year. After the amazingly positive experience we had at International Autos, versus the horrendous experience we had at Hall VW and Mazda, I doubt we’ll ever go anywhere but a BMW dealership again.

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