Looking to Tyranena & YOUR favorite non-running workout


The Tyranena Beer Run Half Marathon is only a few weeks away. I’m ready for it. And even if I weren’t ready for it, I’d be ready for it — if that makes any sense. What’s the worse that can happen? I have a 13.1 mile slow jog (<— LOL, I said JOG) with my husband? Still winning! I don’t care how slow, or fast, I run it it. Sure, 2:30 would be nice, but it’s not the end of my world if it’s not.

I’m really enjoying the weather lately, it’s awesome for running! I get to pull out my long sleeved shirts and pullovers and be like: I FORGOT I HAD YOU! YOU’RE MY FAVORITE!!!

My training has been going really good. For the first time in maybe EVER, I’m running four days a week rather than three days a week. If I had the time, I’d probably even run five days a week — but I don’t. I’m also doing the majority of my running based on minutes rather than miles. The only run that I do by miles is my long run. Otherwise, my training plan will have me running X amount of minutes. I like it, it gets me out of the funk of having to run 5 miles. Instead, I’m running for 50 minutes — which might only be 4.5 miles. However far 50 minutes gets me, that’s my workout.

I cannot WAIT to get back to BodyPump and Zumba though. That’s what I dislike about having half (and full) marathons on my schedule, I don’t get to all of things I want to. I work, have a family and a life that doesn’t involve being a the YMCA or a yoga studio. I’d love to have time on a weekday to run 4-5 miles AND do another workout, but the fact is that I don’t. Why does there have to be so many things that I like to do????

My favorite workout other than running is yoga, which I make time for once or twice a week. What is your favorite non-running workout?


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  1. I think I’ll be doing my next training plan by minutes for the short runs. I love yoga, and I’m slowly introducing myself to spin classes.


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