I want to ride my bicycle

A quick back story, my first love is riding my bike. My first grownup serious bike purchase was a Trek Mountain Track 820, which I bought in college around 1993 or 1994. I rode it to and from school. I rode it around 25-30 miles at a time a few times a week — because I seriously had nothing better to do when I wasn’t doing homework. I’ve been all over the Oak Leaf Bike Trail with that bike. I would ride it next to my husband as he ran (which, in 1996, seemed like the dumbest thing on the planet that anyone would ever do).

And then my Trek was stolen from our garage when our garage door malfunctioned and didn’t shut properly one day. I’m pretty sure I cried. But then I got to pick out a new bike, and was introduced to my Gary Fisher Utopia. Gary and I have been all over the place since I bought it.

Gary Fisher Utopia (2002)

Here’s the thing about running and marathon (or half-marathon) training, it’s time consuming. So is parenting, grocery shopping, and dogs — and I don’t mean that in a bad way. What I’m trying to say is that over the last few years the amount of running I do has displayed an inverse relationship with the amount of biking I do. Therefore, getting a tune-up on my bike is one of those things that crosses my mind as I’m riding it and realizing that the brakes squeak and I can’t get all of the gears to work.

Lately, I’ve been attending a lot of group cycle classes, and finally decided to pull the trigger on cycling shoes. I mean, after 18+ years of group cycle, the proper shoes were long overdue. This brought on a trickle down effect, which included getting clips for the bottoms of my shoes, and pedals to clip into, and then noticing that the front tire of my bike was flat (we have a Cycleops and I wanted to put my bike on it to practice with clipping in/out of the pedals) to finally throwing my bike into my husband’s car and taking it in for a tune-up.

As I’m explaining to the bike shop guy that Gary needs a tune-up and that the front tire is flat, and could you please put my new pedals, and move my bike computer to the rear wheel …. oh, and the brakes squeak ….. I realized how neglected my poor bike has been. I couldn’t even remember about the gear issue, or how old my bike is (over 10 years). I think I only rode it twice last summer. TWICE!

If there was ever a time for a bicycling fail whale, now would be it.

Gary is going to fabulous when they are done with him! I promise this is the summer that I WILL RIDE MY BICYCLE!!!!

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  1. Next you’ll be signing up on Strava!


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