Mr Potato Head is BAAAAAAACK

Mr Potato Head is doing this thing called dog sitting again, which unfortunately doesn’t involve sitting on dogs. You just watch them. And feed them. And let them outside.

Although, the Little Dog doesn’t remember where we parked the Death Star and Mr Potato Head is very upset about this. He is willing to bet that Han Solo never had problems like this with his fuzzball.

penny and darth potato

One of the many toys to play with in this house is a foam roller that Mr Potato Head has heard is called Gretchen.


Gretchen is in one word: SCARY. Do you see how Mr Potato Head’s eyes are reflecting inside of Gretchen??? LOOOOOOOK INTO MY BIG REFLECTIVE EYESSSSSSSSSS!

 IMG_7415Mr Potato Head has this Gretchen under control, he can feel his potato skin loosening up.

IMG_7416Obviously this is the proper way to use Gretchen. Mr Potato Head’s glutes feel better already.

One final quest is to reduce the Peep Population ….

Mr Potato Head controls the peepsPink sugary armless Peeps, I AM YOUR FATHER!

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  1. Lynn Mahuta · · Reply

    So glad to see Mr. Potato Head is back and taking good care good care of the dogs again.


  2. The Peep picture kills me. That is awesome.


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