Lucky jeans

Years ago I bought my favorite pair of jeans ever, Lucky Brand. I want to say that these particular jeans are about 10 years old, which I’m basing solely on the fact that I remember buying them in Fish Creek, which is in Door County, Wisconsin. We went there for our 8th anniversary, or at least I’m pretty sure it was our 8th.

Anyhow, these jeans haven’t fit in a few years — way too tight in my hips. We are taking, UNCOMFORTABLE tight. So I packed them up last year, put them in a bag and stuck it in the basement. I figured someday I’d either: fit into them; sell them on eBay; or donate them to Goodwill. This morning, on a whim, I decided to try them on.

So here I am, in the basement, in my underwear, rifling through the bag looking for my Lucky jeans. I was shocked when they fit! They fit!!! Three months of core work has paid off and my favorite jeans fit!!!

I wore them all day long, sooooo comfy, and never once regret it (but I did bring another pair in the event I changed my mind). Favorite jeans are the next best thing to yoga pants. Right?? Here’s to favorite jeans!!

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  1. Hooray! I love Lucky jeans so much. But re-found fitting again Lucky jeans is the best!


  2. Nice work!! I’ve got a pair of jeans i’m holding on to for when they fit better again too! Glad to know its possible!


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