Keeping my shoulder in place

Dogzilla's rain coat

Dogzilla sports a rain coat

It’s been a rainy week so far — welcome to Spring everyone!

The shoulder

I’ve been nursing my shoulder, working on the back muscles by weight training, and avoiding push-ups like the plague. So far, I’m pretty sure my shoulder hasn’t moved, but it’s hard to say for sure. The back exercises I’m doing include: seated cable rows, lat pull-downs, external rotations (OMG these are a BITCH!) and upright rows. The reason I say that it’s hard to say if my shoulder has moved or not, is because I’m working so many new muscles that I can’t tell if I’m just feeling the work of that or the feeling of it being jammed forward. I’m hesitant to do anything that involves holding a weight while hanging my arms forward and down (think dead lift motion, tipping forward at the hip), which means I’m not sure if I’m ready to jump back into BodyPump yet.

Training this week

  • Monday: REST DAY!!! Woot!!!
  • Tuesday: Group cycle, weights, CXWORX
  • Wednesday: Yogilates. Okay, it took just about every ounce of will-power I had to NOT go to TRX. The good news is that yogilates wasn’t nearly as hard this time around, most likely from all of the TRX and CXWORX I’ve been doing.
  • Thursday: 4 mile run and weights.
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: fartlek run, CXWORX and/or yin yoga
  • Sunday: long run and a massage!!!!

Upcoming events

Ragnar Chicago is up next is June (I’m runner #9), followed by Dances with Dirt in July. Everyone knows that Ragnar is pure fun, DWD is a trail race, so I’m not too concerned about either of them. My goals right now are to keep running, continue with my core work, get out on the trails at Lapham Peak (soon, hopefully without mud), and ride my bike. Oh, and keep my shoulder in place. :)



  1. I’m runner 7 on my Ragnar team, so hopefully we will cross paths :)


    1. Woot! I didn’t know you were running Chicago this year! What’s your team name?


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