First bike ride of the year

Remember how I declared that this was the summer I was going to ride my bicycle?

On Sunday I went for a 16 mile bike ride. It was so great to get a bike ride in at the beginning of May! This was my first real outside bike ride of the year. I mean, I’ve ridden a couple of miles at a time with my dog, but that doesn’t really count. I took a loop from my house, through Menomonee Falls until I reached the Bugline trail. I could only stay on the trail for short amount of time because I had to cut back home in time to meet my family for dinner. I really love being on the Bugline, it’s a great trail and I spent a lot of time on it while I was a kid, so it brings back a lot of great memories. Truth  be told, I get sentimental about my trails.

  • Bugline: Being a kid again.
  • Oak Leaf: Where I became a true bike rider, I’ve been riding segments of this trail for the last 20 years.
  • Glacial Drumlin: Ragnar.

This was also my first time riding my bike with my biking shoes while clipped into my pedals. I had a really bad experience at least 10 years ago, when I had my feet strapped into the pedals, took a corner too fast, on a hill, with low air in my front tire — and I crashed. Since then, I NEVER strap both of my feet into the pedals. EVER. In fact, I took the straps off one of the pedals so that when I turned the pedal upside down it wouldn’t drag on the ground.

It turns out that I really liked having my feet in the clips while riding my bike, and they were relatively easy to clip out of. The hardest part was afterwards, when I felt all of the muscles that I used while being clipped in. Specifically, my right hip flexor. It was so sore! It felt like I had a really tight rubber band around the top of my leg.

My first attempt to loosen it up was to foam roll on Sunday night. HELLO, HIP FLEXOR! I could barely breathe through that and finally just let my hip lay on top of the roller.

My second attempt to loosen it up was on Monday night at Bikram yoga. That kinda of worked, and by Tuesday my hip didn’t hurt to the touch.

One of my problems was that I could not figure out how to stretch that particular area to the extent it needed to be. It just wouldn’t budge. The knot was HUGE! I think it’s gone now, thanks to some awesome stretching that I did last night as a core class for runners that I took at Performance Running Outfitters. The magical stretch was a lunge, front knee bent to 90 degrees, back knee on the ground, arms overhead and then a side lean (if my left leg was forward then I would lean left). The leaning really helped to reach the area that was tight. Note to self: Do this stretch more often.


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  1. Have you been refit lately? I would look into getting a fitting, that could be causing some of the issue. according to my tri group, a good fitting should take at least an hour, and you should be spending about $50-$100 on the process. Which sucks, but sounds like that hip flexor issue isn’t good!


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