Duvets are the worst thing about being an adult

I have a king-sized bed, which requires king-sized sheets, and a king-sized duvet, and a king-sized comforter to shove inside of said duvet.

Do you know what the WORST part of being an adult is??? SHOVING THAT COMFORTER INSIDE OF THAT DUVET.

Usually, I wash the sheets on the weekend, which is also packed with tons of running, power yoga, grocery shopping, various errands and epic tv. Most times I remember that the duvet needs to be put back on about three seconds after I decide I’m going to bed.

Stupid duvet.

Well, yesterday I started to not feel too well. My chest is all congested, my sinuses are all runny and my inhaler is new BFF. This morning I decided that washing my duvet would be a great idea because of the following facts: I’m allergic to grass. Dogzilla has been rolling in the grass. Dogzilla sleeps hogs the bed and has most likely smothered my duvet with grass pollen.

Putting the sheets on the bed isn’t too big of a deal, we have two sets. I didn’t even need to wash the first set. I had clean sheets on my bed by 7 am.

But the duvet, THE DUVET. Well, it’s finally dry, but not without completely folding over itself like a pair of socks inside the dryer. I had to unroll it and then put it through a second dry cycle. Then, I went through the process of inserting the comforter inside of it. You have to hold the top two corners together, place them inside of the top two corners of the duvet, then gently peel down the duvet to the bottom two corners. I’ll be damned if the tag on the comforter is FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER on the side of the bed, rather than the foot of the bed. I’m trying not to think about it. Trying really hard not to be all OCD about the fact that the comforter is actually SIDEWAYS inside the duvet.

I’m pretty sure the second worst thing about being adult is having to shove the comforter inside of the duvet twice in the same day.

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    1. I used this technique over the weekend and it was AMAZING!!!! YES!


  1. I’m really weird about where the tag goes on any blankets on my bed. I cannot sleep if it’s in the wrong place.


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