Yoga with a cat

A part of my yoga teacher training includes a daily home practice. Every week we are assigned a series to work on, this week is Surya Namaskar A, B and moon salutations (which is also Surya Namaskar Classical). If you follow my Instagram feed, you know that my cat, Jasper, feels the need to practice […]

Float Boat

  Yoga teacher training is hard to describe, and as much as I want to share it with everyone, it’s kind of like the experience is so intense that I can’t even begin to find the words. I’d almost say that it’d be easier to explain it using colors, kind of. Let me try: Imagine […]

Wednesday was my second day of yoga teacher training, we started out with a power vinyasa class, focusing a lot on Surya Namaskar A, which for you non-yoga readers is a series of yoga poses. Afterwards, we got more into the history and origin of yoga. I find all of this very interesting, which makes […]

Last night was my first night of yoga teacher training, and it was amazing. I’ve never been so sure that doing this is the right thing for me. I’m doing my certification at Core Essence Yoga, in Milwaukee — in case you wanted to know where all of the awesome yoga is and you haven’t […]

The selection process when I get new glasses is epic. As in, it takes forever and ever and ever. I can’t make a decision until I’ve tried on every pair of frames at least a gabillion times, made a pile of which ones I like, then slowly go through the process of elimination until I’m […]

Every year I have this Oscar Nominated Movie Quest where I try to see every single movie that is nominated for an Oscar. My quest starts as soon as the nominations are announced and ends on the day of the Oscars. My rules are simple, if the movie is nominated for ANY category and it’s […]


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