Every year I have this Oscar Nominated Movie Quest where I try to see every single movie that is nominated for an Oscar. My quest starts as soon as the nominations are announced and ends on the day of the Oscars. My rules are simple, if the movie is nominated for ANY category and it’s […]

Believe Training Journal

Earlier this year I wrote in my Believe Training Journal that by the end of 2015 I wanted to get my yoga teaching certification. The prompt was asking me to dare to dream, so I did. And then all of a sudden the opportunity was there for me if I wanted it. My husband gave […]

Dona Jo Fitwear leggings

I love attending the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Expo, mostly because they draw some really good vendors. This year we went on Thursday afternoon, which seemed like it was a higher volume day than in 2013, but nowhere near the insanity that was the Friday morning of 2013 (which included a line about a […]

Monorail arriving at Epcot
Attempting to dry wet shoes quickly

Let’s go back to Disney Marathon night, which was on January 11th. Are you with me? I’m exhausted, it was a long day, I’ve marathon’d, ate, had a beer, showered, napped, and now I’m attempting to stretch my legs while text messaging with my BFF (who I ran Disney with in 2013) when my daughter […]

Disney Marathon 2015 swag!

Once again, The alarm went off at 2:45 am, however this time I was like: I pressed the snooze button. My husband was like: Don’t tempt me! In a nano-second he was straight out of bed, had all of the lights on and was getting ready for the marathon. Seeing as this was my second […]


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