Bullet point Friday

  • Brewers Opening Day is finally here!
  • Tomorrow my daughter is 11 years old, I’d better get candles so that we don’t have to use the invisible candles two years in a row.
  • I’ve got three books to read for the BlogHer Book Club, I haven’t read this much in years.
  • Are KitKat’s Paleo? No? Someone needs to change that.
  • I’m in a Draw Something shootout with my brother and my daughter. It’s hilarious.
  • Our AT&T U-Verse DVR died on Monday just as I was about to watch Bones which means that whatever was DVR’d is now gone.
  • According to my college adviser I have exactly one year to finish up my last three classes in my MBA because *gasp* I’m approaching the seven year deadline in 2013.
  • Holy crap six years went by fast.

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