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Cat on a hat

Does the Tooth Fairy visit kitty cats?

This is The Boog, his official name is Jasper, and he’s got a toothache. On Wednesday I took him to the vet to get his tooth checked out. He was very interested in the view out the window. He weighs 8 pounds, which isn’t surprising, he’s a tiny cat. Like, miniature kitty. If he was […]

The sad truth: Separate and not equal

Today the obituary for my husband’s dad was in the newspaper. The order of the kids goes from youngest to oldest. I must say, this was not a tactic that I ever thought would be used, but it was, and the grand kids were also listed youngest to oldest. This makes me so incredibly sad […]

All the buttons were pressed

This is a rerun from 2009, it was Easter and we were going to visit Darth Vader’s dad, who actually just passed away on Friday. This story cracks us up every time we get into an elevator. You’ll see why. All the buttons were pressed My father-in-law is in the hospital, so after Easter lunch […]

The last week has been frustrating

I’ve been dealing with a pile of frustration and lack of communication over the last week or so. It’s taken me this long to try to figure out if I even want to write about any of it. The momma bear in me is getting ready to roar, but in trying to give privacy, respect […]

Goofing off

Sometimes we goof off so much

  Sometimes we goof off so much that we forget where we parked the car. Normally we time our arrival to Miller Park so carefully that we end up in either the tiny parking lot or (our favorite) on the side of the road that wraps around the parking lot. This time, we were in […]

Tomorrow she’ll be 13

Someone got a new camera lens

Someone got a new camera lens, and I’m not even going to pretend to understand how it works, but it’s pretty awesome. This is Jasper, he took his collar off a hid it in the house about two months ago. We haven’t found it. I just love Josie’s ear, we call it her giraffe ear […]


  I was late to the chess game. I didn’t learn how to play until I was in my 20′s. I can hold my own on the board, but I cannot under any circumstances think ahead a few moves. Perhaps this is why I’m so impulsive?  On our second date, my husband and I went to a […]


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