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Pike National Forest Campground

Mountain climbing: Rosalie Peak

While we were in Colorado we attempted to climb a mountain by taking Tanglewood Trail towards Rosalie Peak. We lost the trail about 2.5 miles up and while we had many GPS gadgets, we didn’t have a map. So we turned around at 10,841′ because I was not about to have a Blair Witch Project […]


Family hike day

Yesterday we went for a hike on the Kohl Park Hiking Trail. My husband’s hiking guide said it was a lollipop trail. We came to a fork in the trail and took it right, but  pretty soon we ended up off the trail and in people’s backyards. Tried as we might, we couldn’t get that […]

Kolter Homes NatureWalk

Kolter has done it again with their real estate on 30A. Florida is the spot to retire. I would say that in the entire US there’s more retirees in sunny Florida than anywhere else. As more and more retirement communities sprout up to try to corner the market each builder must stay on their toes. […]

Let’s have some whine

I’m back from vacation and it’s been a week that seemed to go non-stop. My daughter goes back to school tomorrow, my nephews already left for college and I kinda got attached to them this summer, my friends are all busy doing other things, I fired my cleaners months ago (it needed to be done, […]

Rocky Mountain National Park

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park, where we saw a moose within minutes of entering.

Bendy trees

When we would go hiking I was always fascinated by the bent trees. You  just don’t see them around the city much …. or never ….. but I guess out in the woods they are everywhere.


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