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Yesterday we went for a 4 mile walk with the dog and took photos of each other taking photos. We stopped by the vet with Dogzilla to see if she had lost any weight since the summer. She didn’t. She now weighs 104.4 pounds, up 2 pounds from the summer. Then we went to the […]


Do I need it? I’ve been working on decluttering my home for years, but it’s gotten serious lately and I’m participating in 40 Bags in 40 Days. It’s not so much that I have to get rid of 40 bags, as much as it is going through everything that I own and deciding: Do I […]

Bullet point Wednesday

  Dogzilla has been going to doggy day care one day a week for awhile now, we are working on getting her girlish figure back, because I swear all she does is sleep. For the first few weeks she didn’t know what was going on. Then she picked up on what day was her day […]

Sunday, you are supposed to be easy

– I didn’t go to group cycle this morning because there was an hour between it and CXWorx, which I was going to attend for the first time. Except, it didn’t start today. – I called to see if my new glasses were ready. I ordered them a week ago, but they hadn’t called to […]

The Faucet Fairy takes on the kitchen

A few years ago I wrote about how I changed the faucet in our bathroom, all by myself. This time the kitchen faucet NEEDED to be changed. It was original to the house, maybe 1996-ish, and there was a crack in the neck of the faucet that sprayed water at you whenever you turned it […]

The time I passed out on a plane

It’s the last day of January, I’ve officially made it through 1/12 of 2014. Here’s something I never in a million years thought would happen: Passing out on an airplane. Yep. THAT happened. I was flying home from California with a layover in Las Vegas. It was supposed to be a very short layover, like […]

The 52 Week Money Challenge

At the beginning of 2013 I commit myself to the 52 Week Money Challenge, not only for my household account, but for my personal allowance account as well. We work on an allowance system here, so every week my husband and I each get a cash allowance to spend on whatever the heck we want. […]

Busting the myths

On Wednesday we went to see Mythbusters, it was a behind the scenes tour in Milwaukee and it was highly entertaining. My husband watches the show, our daughter has seen every single episode. I watch it every now and then. It didn’t disappoint, Adam and Jamie make science and physics interesting. And then this happened, […]


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