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Attempting to dry wet shoes quickly

Space Mountain ate her glasses

Let’s go back to Disney Marathon night, which was on January 11th. Are you with me? I’m exhausted, it was a long day, I’ve marathon’d, ate, had a beer, showered, napped, and now I’m attempting to stretch my legs while text messaging with my BFF (who I ran Disney with in 2013) when my daughter […]

Disney Marathon 2015 swag!

WDW Marathon 2015 Race Report

Once again, The alarm went off at 2:45 am, however this time I was like: I pressed the snooze button. My husband was like: Don’t tempt me! In a nano-second he was straight out of bed, had all of the lights on and was getting ready for the marathon. Seeing as this was my second […]

Epcot around 4:30 am, heading to the monorail to take me to the Magic Kingdom

How to successfully spectate the Walt Disney World Half Marathon

I did it! I successfully spectated the Walt Disney World Half Marathon! We got up at 2:45 am, since I was spectating the pressure for me was relatively low this morning. I dropped my husband off at the runners starting area, then headed on over to the monorail. My plans were to get to the […]

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Kennedy Space Center

We spent the day at NASA and Kennedy Space Center, which was pretty amazing. I took a lot of photos, but honestly, it’s something you need to see in person because these photos don’t do it justice at all.   If you plan on going to NASA, expect to spend the entire day there. We […]

2015 Disney 006

Day 4 at Disney

    We put on over 5 miles at Epcot yesterday, it was about 60 degrees and overcast, which was better than the ankle deep downpour we encountered on Monday.  Technically I was supposed to hold still for this photo … but I kinda felt like the element of surprise would be way more FUN. […]

Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorers

Day 3 at Disney

We explored the wild at Animal Kingdom. I guess you can give the peace sign while riding the Teacups.


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