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The time I passed out on a plane

It’s the last day of January, I’ve officially made it through 1/12 of 2014. Here’s something I never in a million years thought would happen: Passing out on an airplane. Yep. THAT happened. I was flying home from California with a layover in Las Vegas. It was supposed to be a very short layover, like […]


It’s gorgeous in California! This photo was a lucky shot on the way home from the moving car.

Let’s have some whine

I’m back from vacation and it’s been a week that seemed to go non-stop. My daughter goes back to school tomorrow, my nephews already left for college and I kinda got attached to them this summer, my friends are all busy doing other things, I fired my cleaners months ago (it needed to be done, […]

Needles Highway


From the car in WY

Tyrant lizard

Over the last few days we’ve been all over the place, but today we decided to hang out at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It was not crowded at all, the parking was free (BONUS POINTS!), and their fossil, rock and gem collection was impressive. It didn’t beat the Field Museum in Chicago, […]

The time I drove to Golden

Yesterday the guys were busy hiking up Mt. Bierstadt so the kid and I drove down to Golden for a look around. This is my second time in Colorado. The last time I drove to the movies and back, from some other city on the opposite side of Denver from where we are now. I […]

Rocky Mountain National Park

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park, where we saw a moose within minutes of entering.


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