Cheer the Wisconsin Marathon or run the half?

I thought my French foreign exchange student was arriving on Friday, May 4th and figured it would be rude to say hello and then rush off to Kenosha at the crack of dawn on Saturday to run a half marathon with my BFF Nesa. Therefore I’ve beenĀ  a complete couch potato ran no more than 3-ish miles at a time since the New Orleans Half Marathon exactly one month ago.

However, in a sudden turn of events I have discovered that my student is arriving on Sunday, May 6th!


What do I do?? Can I rack up my miles in one month so that I can run the Wisconsin Half Marathon? Or, do I spectate and be the best cheerleader ever?

The race is semi-local. The price is $57.99. There is a medal. EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT!

So, what do you think? Can I put on 10 miles between now and then?


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