His Stupid Car

As I’ve mentioned already, my husband’s Stupid Car is paid off. And now it has working brakes because there was a leak somewhere and it’s been fixed. And a new window thingy that allows him to roll the window down — and then roll it back up — has been replaced. On order yet is a new bracket for the backseat so that it actually stays clicked into place. (We folded the seat up once and since then it’s never fully locked into place.)

While all of this fixing was going on, the mechanic asked us how the gas mileage was on the Stupid Car.

I said: I dunno, I don’t drive it.

My husband said: I put about $15 of gas in every week.

The mechanic said: The parking brake is on at all times. I can fix it, or I can disable it.

I think we were both speechless for a moment, but my husband found his words when he was told that it’d cost about $300 to fix it.

Those words were something like: I’m never using the parking brake again.

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  1. January 28, 2010 at 6:00 pm


    The saga of Hubby’s Stupid Car amuses me to no end. I hope there are no more expensive episodes, though.
    .-= Kwizgiver´s last blog ..thursday bug =-.

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