Leaving it all on the mat

In December I mentioned in a post that I wasn’t going to be running Ragnar Chicago this year, and since then Team Fartlek has decided that they will not be running either. A few of the teammates couldn’t come back this year, however those that could jumped on board with Renee‘s team and will be running with the original team that started this craziness in 2011. I’m so excited for them!!!!

I’m still on a vacation from running and I’m enjoying challenging myself in yoga class. It’s not a surprise to anyone here that my favorite yoga studio is Core Essence Yoga, I wish I lived closer so that I could attend the week night classes, but I have to settle for the weekend classes. My core is definitely feeling some of the power yoga moves that happens on the weekends. I feel like I’ve accomplished something after class, even though I haven’t moved more that the length of my mat. It’s so much the opposite of running a race and it’s great to leave everything I have on the mat — rather than leaving everything I have on a course. That rarely happens. I rarely leave it all out on the course, but in yoga, it’s different. I try, I want, I push, I take what my body gives, I listen, and it’s rewarding.

During the week I’m at the Bikram yoga studio, which is thankfully out the suburbs and reasonably easy to get to during rush hour traffic. Sometimes the classes are really hard to get through and I struggle, other times they are great. I’ve learned that if I can get through the first four poses I’m good. One thing for sure is that I don’t have any tennis elbow issues since I’ve started a regular Bikram practice. That in and of itself is worth sweating my ass off for 90 minutes once a week. 100% WORTH IT. I’ve been dealing with that issue for 15 years, I still can’t get over what Bikram gave me back.

I wish I had something more exciting to write about. I don’t.

Namaste and I CALLED IT!!!!! ARGO WON BEST PICTURE!!!! I knew it would.


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