New Orleans, part 2

We walked down to see Saint Louis Cemetery Number One. We could have paid for a tour, but we just walked through ourselves. The tour was $20 per person, but everything on this trip was an added fee per person and this was  probably one of the more expensive ones. I love this photo of my daughter because she was telling me to wait a minute before she turned around and smiled for the picture, however now that I look at it she’s got one finger up and she’s in front of the No. 1 cemetery — I find humor in the irony. My husband took a small rock for our rock collection. If bad luck starts to happen to us I will make him take it back. Immediately.

In the Cafe’ Beignet vs Cafe du Monde smackdown, we choose Cafe Beignet as the winner. Here’s the men of my crew after eating our last beignets in New Orleans. FYI: I don’t know why Marc is holding his arms over his head. The beignets reminded me of the donuts that my great grandma used to make when I was a kid. They were delicious! Be prepared to wait though. There’s a line. And if you are OCD like me, the powdered sugar all over the employees might just make you want to pull out your vacuum cleaner.

There were cats all over the place in New Orleans, one of them looked just like Olive, slightly larger though. I ate my beignet and just pretended that this was my cat.

The last three night were were in New Orleans we stayed at Hotel Monteleone, it was very pretty, but the rooms were super small and the beds were terrible. It was also loud all the time and this lady enjoys the quiet. It was a good thing I brought ear plugs with me, I used them.

One of the things we really enjoyed doing was walking around the French Quarter and browsing the shops. There were a lot of art galleries and antiques, we couldn’t afford anything in there, but everyone was so nice and would tell us their story if we asked them.

On the last day there we saw this street band playing on Royal Street. How does one even get a wash bucket band together? Hey guys, let’s play homemade instruments! I’ll play the washboard and you play a saw. They were pretty good.

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  1. March 11, 2012 at 11:24 am

    That “accidental” serendipitous meeting on the street is what makes N.O. special. When we were there with the jazz choir from our kids’ school, we ran into a dancer on Royal St. who sang and danced with our kids. It was a magical experience.

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