On October 3rd we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. Woah, 18 years! It seems like it was only yesterday that we were on our honeymoon in Door County and I was standing on a street corner in Fish Creek, looking at my husband out of the corner of my eye and realizing that he was […]


It’s the last day of September, which is somewhat surreal because it feels like only yesterday it was June. This month I finally did The North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon, and it was pretty awesome. The day was perfect for running, or maybe just walking, trails with my favorite guy! Speaking of my favorite […]

For years and years I’ve wanted to go to the Milwaukee Film Festival. A few years ago we went to see The Princess Bride, which of course counts as attending the film festival, but not really because it wasn’t a new film. This time, not only are we members of Milwaukee Film, but I already […]

I spent my summer watching Metastasis. All summer long I looked forward to watching Walter and Jose stumble through their lives while cooking the blue meth. It’s no secret, I LOVED Breaking Bad! It was hands down the very best TV series ever, completely brilliant writing and acting. Once I found out that the series had […]

Pike National Forest Campground

While we were in Colorado we attempted to climb a mountain by taking Tanglewood Trail towards Rosalie Peak. We lost the trail about 2.5 miles up and while we had many GPS gadgets, we didn’t have a map. So we turned around at 10,841′ because I was not about to have a Blair Witch Project […]


Race day for the Lake Michigan Trail Half Marathon was pretty low key. According to my Garmin, temps were at 66 degrees and humidity was at 100%. There was SO MUCH FOG! It was two weeks since the car crash so I knew race day was going to be interesting. My biggest issue has been […]

trail running

Tomorrow is half marathon #18, a brand new race, the Lake Michigan Trail Half Marathon. Am I ready? I dunno. Do I feel like it’s the day before a race? Nope. If it weren’t for the fact that there’s a running outfit sitting on my dresser right now with a race bib, you’d never even […]

Blue and Purple Boat and Walla Wallas

I am 13 days post car accident and feeling much better. Part of that is because I can see that the end is near, and part of that is because my ears stopped ringing about a week ago. Yesterday the insurance company finally had an adjuster look at the car and they have officially totaled […]


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