2015 Disney 006

    We put on over 5 miles at Epcot yesterday, it was about 60 degrees and overcast, which was better than the ankle deep downpour we encountered on Monday.  Technically I was supposed to hold still for this photo … but I kinda felt like the element of surprise would be way more FUN. […]

Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorers

We explored the wild at Animal Kingdom. I guess you can give the peace sign while riding the Teacups.

Disney Marathon 2015

We made it to Walt Disney World for the 2015 Marathon Weekend! Highlights from a day of travel include: TSA searched my pony tail at the airport. And they took away my jar of peanut butter, which was not found in my pony tail. Our flight attendant was hilarious, every time he walked down the […]


  The Disney World Marathon is 12 days 11 days away, I think the longest I’ve run since the Tyranena Half Marathon is 8 miles. HA! HA! HA! (<— that’s me 12 days 11 days out) RUNNING IS STUPID!!! (<— that’s me, predicting how I’ll feel at mile 8.01 of the Disney Marathon) I meant to take this […]

Oh Community Chest, your Do not pass go, do not collect $200 has been my life lately, except I haven’t been sent to jail. I noticed that my favorite pair of Ugg boots have a hole at the seam where the leather meets the sole. They were under the one year warranty so I called […]

I finally made pancakes! THREE TIMES!!! This is huge news! Seriously, HUGE! I started trying to make pancakes around 1996 when my husband presented his breakfast making skills and I was all: I can do this! I can make pancakes too! As it turned out, I couldn’t. And this baffled my husband, and quite honestly […]


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