Backyard chair

  This is a chair that my husband built sometime around 1997. It was one of his first woodworking projects that he made in a class that took at some woodworking place in West Allis on Hwy 100. It used to be a favorite chair to sit in and read a book in the backyard. […]

Dances With Dirt Devil's Lake

  On Saturday I ran Dances With Dirt, my first trail half marathon. I’ve never been to Devil’s Lake State Park, therefore I had no idea what to expect, other than that there were going to be some steep hills. I’ve been meaning to run this race for a few years now and it was […]

I have a king-sized bed, which requires king-sized sheets, and a king-sized duvet, and a king-sized comforter to shove inside of said duvet. Do you know what the WORST part of being an adult is??? SHOVING THAT COMFORTER INSIDE OF THAT DUVET. Usually, I wash the sheets on the weekend, which is also packed with […]

Putting Baby in the corner

We’ve been to three Brewers games in the last few weeks and Darth Vader has taken many, MANY photos. I’m about to photo dump some of the really good ones. June 13th, we were there for the Milwaukee Brewers Wall of Honor pre-game ceremony. So awesome! And then …. they were all seated Club Level […]


It’s my birthday! Today I’m 45, but I don’t even feel a little bit like I’m 45. I feel more like I’m about 32. My husband congratulated me on making it halfway this morning. He’s like: 45! You made it half way! Congrats!!! So obviously I now have to live to at least 91 to […]


Ragnar Chicago is always a fun time! This year I was runner #9, and my husband was runner #7. Van 2 drove up to exchange 6 on Friday morning where we met up with the rest of our team and waited for the hand-off. Team 31, I Just Wanted To Run We checked in, shopped, […]

June 1st bike ride

This afternoon we drove to West Bend and went for an out and back bike ride on the Eisenbahn State Trail, heading towards Kewaskum. We stopped in Kewaskum to take a photo of a bird who had laid it’s eggs ON the trail, and then I made my husband do the obligatory bike photo. Look […]

Holy crap, I’ve hired a personal trainer! This is something that I’ve wanted to do for years and I’m finally doing it!!! My A goals are pretty simple: Strengthen my shoulder so that it stops being such a sissy. Lose weight and become leaner. Form a solid weight lifting routine. Be (stay) flexible. Be a […]


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