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Lakefront Marathon 2011

How did it go … well, the bus ride with the other DM’rs was a lot of fun Jeff. picked me up at VERY early o’clock, we were first to the bus stop. Go figure. I’d expect nothing but that from Jeff. Soon we were met up with John C., John P., Laurie S. and […]

The run is almost over

This is a photo that I took on the last mile of my very last long training run for the 2010 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. Passing the water tower meant that I was finally to the top of the hill and that I was ALMOST done. There’s only seven weeks left to train this year. This week […]

Pigtails & VFFs

I just got back from the Firecracker Four where I ran 4.02 miles in 44:52. I almost went back to bed. I literally had my “I’m going back to bed, good luck!” text all typed out to Nesa and was about to press send when I realized I was being a baby, and needed to […]

Zapped by the sun

  I did my first Strider build-up run today for the Lakefront Marathon, it was only six miles and it started at 8 a.m. down by the lakefront. It was already in the 80’s by that time this morning and I knew it was going to be a hot run, but I didn’t realize it […]

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon: Take 2

Well folks, I did again. I signed up for the 2011 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. I just checked my archives and it looks like I’ve registered five days earlier than I did last year. All I have to do it beat last year’s time – and not be last – and I’ll be happy. I had kinda […]

Marathon wrap-up

Sunday seems like such a blur, but I’ll do my best to document how it went. I wasn’t nervous at all prior to the race, not even once my husband dropped me off at the starting line and I fished through the crowd until I found my 5:00 hour pace group. The pacers hold up […]


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