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BlogHer Book Club: What Alice Forgot

The latest book for the BlogHer Book Club is What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.  Alice falls off her spinning bike a the gym, hits her head, and loses 10 years of her memory. Gone. Poof. She comes to and thinks it’s 10 years earlier and that she’s pregnant. With having a blog I have […]

BlogHer Book Club: The First Husband

The latest book for the BlogHer Book Club is The First Husband by Laura Dave.  The book begins with Annie Adams, a travel writer from LA, being dumped by her longtime boyfriend — and he takes the dog (what?!). She soon finds herself drowning her sorrows at the local bar, however the bartender is someone […]

BlogHer Book Club: Where She Went

Earlier this week I finished reading the book Where She Went by Gayle Forman for the BlogHer Book Club. When I initially signed up for this book I saw that the story actually began in the book If I Stay. A quick search on my library’s website told me that I could listen to the audiobook […]

BlogHer Book Club: You Have No Idea by Vanessa & Helen Williams

So here’s what happened…  it was April, my daughter was in France on the trip of a lifetime, and what was I doing? Oh, you know, I was at Macy’s trying on summer shoes. Let’s not discuss how many shoes I bought that day, but I might not be able to get a new pair […]

BlogHer Book Club: Lost and Found

I know what you are thinking: How can there be another BlogHer Book Club book already?? There is! This time it’s Lost and Found by Geneen Roth. Hindsight is 20/20 and Geneen definitely had hindsight after Bernie Madoff took her life savings and used it in his Ponzi scheme. Her and her husband lost everything. […]

BlogHer Book Club: Born Wicked

The latest book for the BlogHer Book Club is Born Wicked, by Jessica Spotswood. This is probably a book that I would have devoured as a teen, however I cannot tell you how much my taste in books has changed over the last few years. I had a hard time getting into this book. I’m […]


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