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Recent keyword activity

It’s always interesting to see what people search that brings them to my blog. Here’s a few of the most recent searches. I sure do hope they found what they were looking for ….. miller park terrace box 437 row 2 seat 9  which brought them this post about life at Miller Park outside of […]

Waiting on the field at Miller Park

Here we are, waiting on the field at Miller Park before the game so that my Valvoline Junior Announcer could get her picture taken (by a professional, aka Not Me). More later!

Announcing the Junior Announcer!

Yesterday morning I came back to my desk to find a voicemail from an unknown number on my cellphone. When I listened to it I about fell over from shock. It was the Milwaukee Brewers, and they were calling to say that my daughter had been chosen to be a Junior Announcer for an upcoming […]

Best Brewers game ever!

  The Brewers beat the Cubs, we were there, and our seats this year are AWESOME!

Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day 2011

Today we spent the afternoon at Miller Park, rooting for the Brewers, who did not win. Sad faces everyone, sad faces! We’ve learned that showing up right before the game starts means primo parking, it’s the LIFO system. Last in, first out. We scored an awesome spot, which the parking attendants assign to you, so […]


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