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Someone got a new camera lens

Someone got a new camera lens, and I’m not even going to pretend to understand how it works, but it’s pretty awesome. This is Jasper, he took his collar off a hid it in the house about two months ago. We haven’t found it. I just love Josie’s ear, we call it her giraffe ear […]


Throwback Thursday: We got kittens!

October of 2009, we went to the Wisconsin Humane Society to adopt one kitten and came home with two! Olive Super Rudy

Wordless Wednesday: Rudy

Olive the cat has a cataract

Olive is my four year old cat, if she were a person I’d tell you that she’s socially awkward. But since she’s a cat, I don’t know how else to explain her but to say that she adores me, but I can only pet her during night time hours or when I’m in the bathroom […]

Wordless Wednesday: Super Rudy Cape

Copy cat

Today is copy cat day at her school and with the ironic humor that my kid possesses, she’s actually dressed as a cat.  

Super Rudy approved

While we were at the grocery store on Sunday I noticed that the laundry detergent Era was Chuck Norris approved. Seriously, CHUCK NORRIS APPROVED. Anyhow, by the time the groceries were unloaded and put away my kid had met with Super Rudy and the two of them had decided that this brown bag was approved […]


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