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And then I got bronchitis

December has been an interesting month to say the very least. I started it off with sinus congestion that just wouldn’t let up, the only time I had relief was when I sneezed. The neti pot didn’t even provide relief. However, after about five days and lots of decongestants it finally went away. Then Darth […]

Hey-o it’s gonna be hot

I signed up for the Madison Half Marathon a couple weeks ago so that I could qualify for the Half Fanatics by running three half marathons within 90 days. And then last week Sunday happened in Green Bay at the Cellcom Marathon. It was hot, humid and the race was canceled 2 hours and 25 […]

That miserably fun beer run

I have this rock collection, and for a while all it was displayed on my window ledge over my kitchen sink. Here’s the thing, that shelf was never getting cleaned, so I randomly grabbed a bunch of the rocks and put them in a container and then put them under the sink. I then spread out […]


My adjusted Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon time is 2:28:15, which is now 12 minutes faster than my last half marathon. That was completely different running conditions — it was the end of August, 8 a.m. start time, and HOT AS HELL! I can’t even fathom what my time would have been if I would not have gotten bronchitis, […]

Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon Recap

Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon Recap: Download from iTunes I hope this works! I thought it might be easier to give a recap in podcast format, enjoy!  

We’ll meet in the Lambeau Field Atrium

The 2011 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Weekend Event & Spectator Guide has a section called AT THE FINISH LINE. Line 2 states: Set a back-up time and place to meet in case of inclement weather. Be more specific than “We’ll meet in the Lambeau Field Atrium.” This reminds me of the time I ran the […]

I will not be racing down the hotel hallway

Sunday is the half marathon and we are already up in Green Bay for the weekend. The hotel we are staying at has really long hallways, and my husband has already reminded me that I should do nothing by walk down them. Here’s a rerun from 2006 that explains why: First Aid I can’t resist […]

Running in Vibrams: swooosh glide

I ran 5 miles and it felt really sluggish. I kept at it, took a couple small walking breaks at miles 2 and 4, and looped back home for water at 3.5 miles. I didn’t think my time was all that great, 54 minutes. In fact, while I was running I kept thinking that when I’m running […]


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