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Someone got a new camera lens

Someone got a new camera lens, and I’m not even going to pretend to understand how it works, but it’s pretty awesome. This is Jasper, he took his collar off a hid it in the house about two months ago. We haven’t found it. I just love Josie’s ear, we call it her giraffe ear […]

Invisible tree

The photo today is tree, and ours is invisible. We haven’t put it up yet this year, so this photo is from 2010.Why is our tree invisible? Three cats and one dog. That’s why. #FMSPhotoADay

Fact: Monster dog is a big chicken

What a situation the monster dog has found herself in. She loves her Kong, but not enough to come down a few steps to retrieve it.

My ice bath helpers

I was taking my version of an ice bath after my 10 mile run today (coupled with a 10.5 mile run last night to equal 20.5 miles) and I found myself with a few helpers. I am thankful that the dog did not push the cat into the water, but there was a few times […]

Super size me

  You cannot tell me that the size of this dog is normal. Do you see how tall Josie is??? Dogs should not be taller than dining room tables. Unless you meant to get a dog that was taller than a dining room table — and I didn’t. I wanted a little dog. A small […]

Josie strikes again

  For the third time she’s chewed Maisy’s collar right off of her neck.    


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